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Thursday, 26-Oct-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Idul Fitri 2006

Sate moden
Rendang daging
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this year, we celebrate our raya aka aidilfitri or idul fitri in saratok .. a small town where our parents work .. preparation are simple as usual .. this year, mak do not bake any cakes or biscuits because of busy with renovation of our house in kuching ..

on the 24 october, which is the morning of hari raya .. mak n bapak were busy with their sate .. while i'm taking my bath, my uncle (my mak's younger brother) called to wish her .. after prayer, while we're having our raya breakfast, another uncle (mak's older brother) called from houston ..

after breakfast, we drive to sarikei to visit my bapak's family there .. about 45 minutes of driving .. at first we planned to go to sibu, to visit my mak's sister (older one, also a muslim like her) .. then, my uncle want to bring us to bintangor .. so, boring because none of them we know or close with .. i keep on waiting my parents to call, because only 4 of us followed my uncle, my parents stay at home .. i wait her call so that we can go to sibu .. because in my head, i want to for shopping there!

after come back from bintangor, mak said cancel the plan to go to sibu .. i keep n forcing mak to go there .. at last, she agreed! hehe .. but, because it is a bit late, after spending an hour at my aunties' house, we went straight back home! so sad ..

on the second day, nothing really interesting happened .. it's only that i went for visiting to my friends house in the evening .. on the 3rd day, we go back to kuching ..

Wednesday, 20-Sep-2006 16:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Graduation Day

me n noorsyamieza
me n troy
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fuh .. setelah menunggu 2 tahun 4 bulan, akhirnya konvo jugak aku .. kat stadium perpaduan, kuching .. seramai lebih daripada 600 orang yang graduates .. separuh adalah bebeudak DTM (Diploma Teknologi Multimedia) iaitu kitorang la .. hehe

Wednesday, 2-Aug-2006 10:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Farewell Video

01 Bro Uddin
02 Kak Mawar
03 Kak Haironey
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video yg dirakam oleh geng2 kat ofis utk farewell.

01 one of the best bro i ever have. funny n sometimes so silly. father of 2 n never think he's old.
02 coolest sister. she make me cry on the last day i'm at the office. i should go to her the last. i have to stop myself from crying so that i can go to the others.
03 mother of one, n another one is coming. very commited with her work.
04 i never call her as kakak before. but, she should be understand. funny n she is the candy supplier at the administrative office.
05 the most busy lady. she call for supplier n people collect cheques from her. funny too.
06 i seldom talk to this guy. usual i just smile at him when i met him somewhere in the office.
07 father of one. i also never call him as bro. sometimes funny n comted with his work.
08 Huzaifah? he's our backdrop n banner supplier for any event or programme, as he provide the cheapest one. also my senior in college.
09 father of one. so crazy n funny. he also think of unthinkable! sometimes, he likes to talk just to entertain us in ASK Centre n himself.
10 controversy! hehe .. we took some photographs together, n her boyfriend so jealous looking at them! open minded n easy going.
11 another funny n crazy bro in this office .. easy going.
12 aloha! she just came back from hawaii. after i met kak mawar with my tears, she cried too when i met her! easy going, funny n crazy ..
13 slumber, funny n crazy too .. generous n we'll miss him ..
14 the lady behind the video. loudest laugh with her small body! huhu .. denver .. crazy n funny guy .. have fun him too .. but he sometimes, talk to much! talk more than a lady!
15 no comment .. she enterframed!
16 she recorded 2 times n ask them to pick either one. but they put both. i will always remember one thing she told me .."speak more foochow! don't forget your mother tongue!" but the problem is, i only understand but i can't speak. i know my mother's foochow. thanks so much for reminding.
17 the guy behind the camera .. if he's in front of the camera, who took the video? haha .. for sure someone take incharge .. easy going, funny, silly n he vibrates everytime he laugh! huhu .. just like his handphones!
18 easy going n funny .. i can't say much because i don't spend much time with him
19 shy ka? don't shy lah! look here la! masuk tv ma ..
20 the sepet legacy .. she gave me her favourite white teddy bear .. easy going n funny ..
21 lupa makan ubat? aiyo .. where's her medicine? u can judge her by looking at the picture!
22 quiet but funny.
23 the most fashionable n stylish lady in both AZAM n SDI .. the walking radio! haha
24 sempoi .. easy going n funny .. the guy with many new gadgets .. he should open a gadget store sometimes ..
25 sempoi also .. can be funny n crazy .. have fun knowing her ..

Monday, 29-May-2006 04:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hotlink AF3 Tour 2006 @ Kuching

Placard "Kefli"
klu xsalah lagu hindustan ..
Kefli n Akma ..
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Tour ni diadakan pada 9 April 2006 di Stadium Perpaduan (Tertutup), Kuching. Sarawak. Salah seorang daripada 8 bintang AF3 yang membuat persembahan adalah Kefli. Bintang - bintang lain adalah Akma, Amy, Amylea, Idayu, Marsha, Mawi dan Yazer.

Saya dan 2 sahabat telah berada di perkarangan dari jam 12.15pm. Dalam 12.30pm, kitorang dah start beratur. Itupun around 1.20pm baru dapat masuk stadium. Terus kitorang dapatkan tempat paling hadapan di tengah2 pentas. Selain daripada berada di hadapan sekali, kami turut membawa placard (banner) Kefli. Dari tinjauan kami bertiga, tiada placard lain selain placard yang kami bawa. Haha, bangga siot!

Ikut schedule asal, show start 2.00pm. But, around 2.30pm baru show start. I'm not going to give the details. Tapi, kita hanya akan highlight performance yang melibatkan Kefli.

Bermula ajer show, 7 bintang kecuali Mawi kuar menyanyi lagi group song. But x ingat lah lagu aper. Lepas Mawi, Marsha, Akma n Idayu menyanyi, sampai giliran Kefli. Ramai jugak yg bersorak masa Kefli naik pentas! He's a bit shocked with the placard! sebab, satu2 nya kat dlm stadium! huhu, bangga!

Dia bawak lagu Hati Emas! Best sangat dia bawak. Habis jer nyanyi, dia dapt tepukan yg gemuruh sekali.

Lepas jer Yazer nyanyi, Kefli dipanggil ke pentas untuk menemani Yazer bawak lagu Kudaku Lari yg pernah dibawak oleh Felix. Best jugak Kefli nyanyi lagu rock!

Then, habis Mawi buat show dier, Kefli n Yazer naik semula nak diorang bertiga bawak lagu Mawi apa tajuk pun entah, tak ingat lah plak.

ntuk finale, semua 8 bintang nyanyi lagu Hotlink, Aktifkan Dunia Baru. Sori to say, Mawi agak janggal sedikit mungkin sebab tiada masa nak practice dgn yg lain kot? But, Mawi x membatu gitu jer, dier tetap merayau kat atas pentas. Even lagu Menuju Puncak pun, Mawi mcm ingat2 lupa steps tarian.

Habis jer show sumer, autograph session. Pada mulanya, kitorang x hairan sgt nak naik pentas ambik autograf. But, lepas tengok peluang untuk mendapatkan autograf diorang, aku beli jugak Evo 05 03 yg ada single Kefli kat dlm nya. Actualy, dah beli dah album tu. Just sebab nak dapatkan autograf, aku beli jugak. Masa kat atas pentas sempat wish Happy Birthday kat Kefli. Advance pun xpe. 2 hari jer. Klu x, xde peluang lah. Lepas turun n kita bertiga terus balik.

On the way balik, baru tergerak kat hati, "Naper aku beli Evo 05 03? aku kan dah ada?" ah.. x kisah, yg pasti, autograf sumer 8 bintang AF3 ada dlm nyer.

Thursday, 30-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My first trip to Sarawak Cultural Village

Rumah Iban
Rumah iban gak
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